Fender USA Jaguar ’63 Sunburst/R

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Please be noted this one is USED not new.
There is not any issue on the function and the playing condition but blemishes on the cosmetic.
Please send message for more detail information of the condition.


Following the Jazzmaster, which saw sales increase during the surf music craze of the 1950s, the Jaguar was released in 1962 as the top-of-the-line Fender guitar. From the time of its release, there were many orders for custom colors, and although the guitar’s characteristics did not match the rock music that became popular worldwide, production was discontinued in the mid-1970s. Later, with the emergence of the charismatic representative of grunge/alternative music, Jaguar received renewed attention, and the model continues to make its presence felt while blending well into the current diverse music scene.

This is one produced around 1963, and is in great condition. Jaguar is popular regardless of age and gender. It’s sure to look great on stage lighting.

The overall weight is approximately 3.7kg. The alder body has a 3-tone sunburst color with a deep reddish tinge. The condition is quite old. The weather check, peeling paint, scratches, dullness of the metal parts, etc., make it look attractive. The gap along the border of the piece on the right side of the tremolo has been repaired at our shop. A few set screws have been replaced and the arm bar has been replaced. The mute device is out of stock.

The maple neck has faded in color and has a wonderful atmosphere just like the body. Its wonderful fingerboard stands out in black. The tuner is equipped with the single line Kluson Deluxe from that time. Although there are some variations in the winding action, it functions well. The fret nuts have been replaced and there is little wear and playability is good. The head thickness is 15.4mm and the nut width is 41.0mm. The sturdy neck shape typical of Fender necks from this period is attractive. The smooth feel of the back of the neck, which has been used, is typical of vintage items.

[Electrical system]
The pickup is a black bobbin from that time, with a staggered pole piece specification on the neck (front) side and a flat pole piece specification on the bridge (rear) side. Although it has a unique crisp sound with a short sustain that is unique to a 24-inch scale, its speed and rich tone are still unique to vintage. It gives off a great fender tone.

Fender black tolex case included for different model years

Weight: 3.7kg
Neck Material/Scale Length: Maple 1 piece/609mm (24inch)
Fingerboard/Fret Marker /Radius: Rosewood round laminate/cray dot/184.15mm (7.25inch)
Nut Width/Fret Size (width): 41.0mm (replaced)/2.3mm (replaced)
Neck Thickness (1F/7F/12F ): 21.0mm/23.3mm/25.1mm
Pickups (Neck/Bridge): Fender Jaguar Black Bobbin staggered polepiece, 7.0k/Fender Jaguar Black Bobbin flat polepiece, 7.0k
*The DC resistance value of the pickup is controlled Measurements will be made through the section

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