Fender USA Fender Custom Shop NOS Pro Strat BODY Stratocaster 2016 Nitro Seafoam Green

$ 789.00

This is a Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster Pro Model that is in absolutely beautiful shape.

Year: 2016 Excellent condition

Country/Make: American Fender Custom Shop 

Comments: You are looking at a wonderful American Fender Custom Shop NOS Pro Stratocaster body! The Certificate Of Authenticity********* is included- a fantastic top shelf American Fender hybrid model. The pickup route is vintage w/ a modern 2 point tremolo route (fit for American Standard & American Deluxe tremolos). It also sports a contour heel for easier access to the upper frets. The exposed areas on the front, back and edges are clean with little play wear. This is a gorgeous color- one of Fender’s finest. Buy it today! a couple of minor scratches or tiny little marks but luckily for you they go under the pickguard and cannot be seen easily by the named eye even without the pick guard.