Fender USA American Standard Stratocaster Candy Cola (05/24)

$ 1252.97

2007 Fender USA American Standard Stratocaster.
The maple fingerboard is combined with the alder body, and it features a firm midrange and a sharp attack.
22F medium jumbo frets, fender brand Schaller pegs, 2-point synchro tremolo with stainless steel saddle, etc. for stable tuning and smooth playability.
The sharp and gorgeous tone created by the combination of three single coils fits naturally to many players regardless of play style or genre.
It is a versatile book that combines a wide range of sound creation that can be used for all genres and playability that flexibly supports various play styles.

It is an individual in good condition with little scratches and little usability.

Product rank: B (good product)

Year of manufacture: 2007
Truss rod: With room
Fret: 60-70%
Accessories: Hard case / Genuine tremolo arm
Country of origin: USA
Weight: 3.78kg
Serial: Z7070318

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