Fender USA 2009 Highway One Telecaster

$ 746.18

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Product Details

A modern telecaster perfect for on-site use!!

The Highway One Telecaster has a traditional style but has improved playability.
At first glance, the Telecaster has a simple and classic style, but if you look closely, you’ll see that it has modern and easy-to-use specifications, such as jumbo frets, a 22F finger plate, and a mechanism that allows you to turn the truss rod without removing the neck.
The PU is equipped with a high-power Hot Single Coil Tele.
Although it has the crispness characteristic of a Telecaster, the overall tone is well-balanced, and the moderate stickiness when distorted makes it a very pleasant sound to play.

This model is also recommended for those who own a Telecaster for the first time!

PICKUP:Hot Single Coil Tele

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