Fender TL69 Blue Flower Telecaster 1999-2002 CIJ Crafted in Japan | Upgrades & Mods | Custom Shop Pickups

$ 1299.99

This is a used, but in fantastic condition Fender TL69 blue flower Telecaster, crafted in Japan, from 1999-2002. It is absolutely stunning, and it sounds and plays like a dream, with the exception of some fret buzz in spots (mostly when bending) past the 12th fret or so (though that is to be expected with the vintage-size frets and 7.25″ radius), but it can’t be heard through an amp anyway. The body is made of basswood so it is extremely light. I’m just selling because I haven’t played it enough to warrant keeping it. It will come in an FGN gig bag.


-Fender Custom Shop ’51 Nocaster pickups ($220)

-Mojotone solderless wiring harness ($80)

-Wilkinson compensated brass bridge saddles

-Electrosocket output jack cup

-Knobs with indicator lines

-Holes drilled in pickguard to mount neck pickup (originally body-mount)

Cosmetically, it is in fantastic condition, with the exception of a small ding on the body near the control plate, and a small scratch on the back of the neck that can’t be felt when playing. There is also a small amount of paint missing from around the underside of the pickguard neck pickup hole edge because I had to sand the edges a bit to get the pickup to fit, and some of the paint flaked off. It can’t really be seen unless looking up very close. There is also a small scratch/crack above the output jack cup, which was there before I installed the electrosocket cup. Also has some hairline scratches which is just play wear.

It is currently strung with D’addario 10-46 strings.

NOTE: I only ship within the 48 inland US states.

Thanks for your interest!