Fender Telecaster TC-72 Custom 2008 – Ash Sunburst – RARE japan import

$ 1558.10

Fender Telecaster model CUSTOM reissue TC-72′ Sunburst, made in Japan, in the famous Fuji-gent Plant factory for Fender in 2008.

*Selected and Imported by us from Japan*

Model difficult to find in Europe and even more so in this very rare color (even in Japan!), full sound, very versatile in all Rock styles.

Powerful and precise sound, this Custom model is very popular in today’s pro rock groups.

Well balanced. Immediate handling. Japanese know-how. The maple neck is sublime, and thanks to its superb varnish, the neck is very pleasant and very comfortable.

The handle is 25.5 inch, and its radius is 7.25 inch.

The Humbucker pickup was born from the ‘father’ of the Gibson PAF.

And also contributes, with this unusual pickguard, to a superb look.

Aesthetically, very good general condition, some signs of wear and a few scratches on the back of the neck, varnish still very shiny, few signs of wear, frets in good condition: 6 to 7/10 (see photos for more information)

Serial number: T053357

Body: Ash

Neck and fingerboard: maple

Frets: thin x 22

Nut: 42 mm

Tuners: Original Gotoh

Weight: 4,180 kg

Manufacturing period: 2007-08


Delivered in gigbag

Revised, adjusted.