Fender Telecaster Player Plus 2022 – Cosmic Green

$ 996.86

For sale is this rarely played Tele Player Plus manufactured in 2022.
I got it from the 1st owner, who hasn’t played it much, then I used it for recording rhytm parts.
The guitar has some minor wear – by looking at other listings I assume that the scratches on the bottom of the chrome bridge plate as well as on the neck plate of the guitar are a standard thing for this model.
Then there are the small nicks on the body that happened in transport – all seen on the photos.

I upgraded the scratchplate to a pearl one – which I bought at Thomann.
There is a sticker on the 12th fret which I will remove before shipping and I guarantee there will be no residue or marks left on the fretboard.

I really enjoyed the satin neck on this guitar as well as the smooth and precise locking tuners.
Those really put my Gibson Les Paul to severe shame! 😀
The Player Plus also features the modern string saddles, a very nice string tree and a tone push-pull pot, which activates both pickups in series for a powerful and fat sound.
I will ship the guitar securely along with the original gigbag – which is in a mint condition.
The reason for sale: I need a superstrat with a floating trem asap!

Please contact me for exact shipping prices – I will check as soon as you will share your postcode with me.
Until then the shipping prices listed here are just a rough guess, thank you for understanding 🙂
Also, let me know if you have any questions!