Fender Telecaster 1978 Black

$ 3250.00

Up for sale is an original 1978 Telecaster in black purchased from Rivington Guitars NYC. This guitar was originally owned by Binky Brice, a guitarist who played for Roy Ayers, Billy Ocean, Evelyn “Champagne” King, and many other artists in the mid to late 80’s onto the early 90’s. The guitar exhibits heavy play wear as you can see in photos, but nothing that affects playability. A played in guitar is always a good sign in vintage guitars and this guitar is the perfect example. The guitar is very resonant and acoustically loud and punchy. The neck is super smooth and has the perfect chunkiness to it making it super comfortable to play for hours. The neck pickup is warm and full sounding, very versatile whether your playing cleans or more distortion. The bridge is articulate and punchy without being too ice picky or muddy. The neck has a beautiful vintage tint to it that adds to the worn in mojo. As you know tele’s are one of the most versatile guitar’s out there and this ones no exception. This guitar has been refretted with slightly larger frets, which is a huge upgrade in terms of playability. Frets have plenty of life and won’t need a refret any time soon. Comes with original hardshell case. I included the original papers from the day I got the guitar at Rivington Guitars as seen in the last photo. I traded my 1969 Gibson SG Special for this guitar and for good reason. I think you will understand it’s magic too the second you start playing it. I’m hopeful it will go to the right home.