Fender Telecaster 1973 Blonde

$ 4195.00

Fender Telecaster

Year: 1973

Origin: Fullerton, CA. USA

Case: Comes with vintage case that is not original to this Tele

Weight: 8lbs 3oz

Finish: Blonde

Neck/frets description: Rosewood fretboard and maple neck with medium profile. Guitar has full adjustability up and down and action is low without buzzing. Original frets are low however.

Modifications/changes: Original bridge pickup. Neck pickup has been changed to a Fender ’51 Nocaster pickup. Nut has been replaced with an appropriate hand cut bone nut,pickguard neck pickup hole as well as neck pickup cavity have been enlarged slightly to accommodate the Strat pickup that was formerly in this Tele. One potentiometer is changed as well as the five way switch. Original switch is included in the sale.

Cosmetic condition: Good condition with yellowing of the finish, dings and other honest play wear, a “tan line” from where a sticker once was on the upper horn, some darkened and some missing lacquer at the headstock, some specks of rust on the tail piece a slightly enlarged hole for the neck pickup in the pickguard and a slightly enlarged pickup route in the neck pickup. Overall cosmetic condition is a 7.5 out of 10.

Operational condition: Fully-functioning including electronics, truss rod, etc. The playability of this guitar is great although the original frets are low at this point. The pickups are strong and toneful.

Description: This is a great vintage Telecaster. This guitar sings when unplugged and backs up the hype when plugged in. This guitar can do it all but really excels at those classic, vintage Telecaster sounds. The bridge pickup sound is toneful and  biting but never harsh and the neck pickup tone is about as sweet as they come whether clean or distorted. This guitar looks incredible, has very good playability and liveliness and is chock full of vintage mojo and best of all it sounds like all those classic Tele sounds on those old (and not so old) records we love.  It will absolutely be among the very few in your collection that you reach for time and time again!