Fender Stratocaster ST’72 CST-50M 1989 VNT ASH ‘Nitro’ Collector series Japan import

$ 1510.95

FENDER stratocaster ST-72 ‘reissue Ash VNT from 1989, model CTS-50M, ‘Collector Strato’ made in Japan in the famous Fuji-gen factory for Fender.
* Selected and Freshly IMPORTED from JAPAN by us*

Very pleasant to play, superb vintage look, ‘big’ head and neck plate 3 CBS type screws.
Nitrocellulose varnish for the body.
Very nice sound palette, snapping and precise.
Excellent general condition, Frets in very good condition:
Very successful Strat’, both visual and sonic, guitar in excellent general condition, practically no signs of life for a guitar over 30 years old! Frets in very good condition: 8/10 (see photos for more details).
Rare copy in this condition.

Model: ST’72-50 CST-50M Ash VNT
– Original Gotoh chromed tuners
– weight: 3,500 kg
– Maple neck: Oval Type
– radius: 7.25 -184 mm
– scale: 648, regular
– frets: 21 F vintage
– pickups: 3 x single Fender Vintage JP
– serial number: I035909
– period of manufacture: 1989-91
– delivered in gigbag