Fender Stratocaster Partscaster 2022 – Sonic Blue

$ 1499.99

This is a 1961 Beatle-spec Partcaster build that was completed in December, 2022.
– The neck was custom ordered from Musikcraft in New Jersey and was made according to the specs of a ‘61 Strat. It features AAA flamed maple on the back. The fingerboard is made from East Indian rosewood and has a radius is 7.25 in.
– The fretwire is 6230.
– The tuners are from Kluson and are historically-correct.
– The Headstock decals had to be custom ordered from a great seller on Etsy to also be historically-correct for 1961.
– The body was custom made by Warmoth in Washington state. It’s made from alder and was finished in sonic blue.
– The electronics/pickguard came as one prewired unit and were ordered directly from Fender. These pickups are Fender’s 57/62 single coils.
– The bridge/tremolo system are from a company called Callaham and I believe they’re based out of Virginia. The whole trem unit is incredibly solid and is also made to vintage-strat measurements.
– The Grimwoods decal on the back of the headstock was ordered from a seller on Ebay.
– All the other hardware is just standard fender (input jack, jack plate, pickguard mounting screws, string tree, strap buttons)

– Ships with Fender hardshell case