Fender Stratocaster parts guitar 2000’s – White

$ 1400.00

Selling this nice Fender Stratocaster I built, using an American Fender Deluxe soft ‘V’ neck, (9.5″ to 14″ Compound Radius). (241 mm-355.6 mm). Fender locking tuners, Mexican Fender body and bridge with all EMG active HSS pickups. Pickups are EMG SA type in middle and neck positions, with an EMG 89 coilsplitting Humbucker in the bridge position. The volume control splits the coils from Humbucking to single coil on the bridge pickup. The second control is an EMG EXG Expander. The frequency response of the EXG is similar to a typical guitar amp equalization. The lows and highs are boosted while the midrange is dipped out as you turn the knob up. The third knob is a passive tone control. It’s a super variable set up which I used in a cover band whose repertoire included a wide variety of musical styles, from super cleans to overdriven hard rock. It does them all really well. I’ve got about $1400 invested in it, plus a lot of time. I’m no longer with that band so it has to go. The guitar body and neck are ding free, it’s in great shape, with a little fret wear, though nothing major. See pics for details. I used a piece of Oak to block the tail piece and get maximum sustain, but I have the tremolo springs if you want to use the tremolo arm. The battery fits inside the tremolo spring cavity right now for ease of changing the battery, so if you want to use the tremolo arm the battery would need to be put into the top cover cavity. See the pics for all the details. I left the protective plastic over the scratchplate. * It comes with a Fender gig bag. Thanks for looking!