Fender Stratocaster Hardtail – Reliced – 5.3 lbs

$ 1300.00

I specialize in modifying Fender Guitars to make them super light weight.

This Sunburst Hard-Tail Stratocaster highly modified to be a featherweight at 5.3 pounds.

Beautiful sunburst lacquer finished straight grained paulownia wood hardtail body with Fender roasted neck. Body finish has lacquer checking to give a played-in appearance. Pickups replaced with super hot Dimarzio 403 and 404 stacked hum-canceling pickups. These are no longer available and hard to find. Light compact case to compliment the weight of the guitar. No fret wear. Strung with 09s. Total weight is 5.3 lbs – a fraction of the typical Strat weight. Very resonant and easy on the shoulder.