Fender Stratocaster 1999 Sunburst

$ 399.00

Let me start by saying that this guitar is beautiful, and plays excellent. It has a flamed neck that you don’t see often on strats made in mexico. The pickups sound great. It does have its flaws, including small scratches and dings, a paint crack near the neck heel (doesn’t go to the wood), and it appears someone filled in a couple areas where paint likely rubbed off with some marker or something of that nature. You don’t really notice it unless you really look. The pick guard has a couple cracks near screws (common). The frets show a little wear, but okay just fine. The guitar has fairly low action and plays great with the fresh strings I just put on. This is a serious bang for the buck. I tried to mention all flaws, but please check photos as they will give you a better description than I can. The guitar looks great.