Fender Stratocaster 1990 – Tobacco sunburst

$ 725.49

Regretfully selling my beautiful 90’s strat 

These G serial strats seem to be quite a rare and a bit of an anomaly 

From what research I’ve done these were built in the USA and used Japanese hardware and electronics, these were allegedly built when fender were gearing up to get the Mexican factory up and running, hence why the guitar has no made in USA stamp anywhere 

I found this in Japan and had it imported back

It’s honestly the best strat I’ve ever played 

The guitar has been through the wars a bit and has a fair amount of wear and tear, I’ve photographed the most noticeable dings and impressions, so please be aware this isn’t a mint example 

There’s a fair bit of rust/corrosion on the bridge, but can easily be replaced at a fairly low price point 

Strap buttons and input jack were replaced by the previous owner and the backplate was removed too

I’d say the action is currently at medium/low level, the neck may need to be shimmed if you wanted it any lower 

This is a forum post from a few years back that has a bit more information on these guitars 

Mine seems to differ from this example a little bit as it has the standard single coil routes instead of the swimming pool route 

Happy to provide more photos upon request 

Any questions feel free to ask