Fender Stratocaster 1978 – Black

$ 2495.00

1978 Fender Stratocaster in black, with rosewood fretboard, black pick guard, pickup covers, and knobs. Original 1978 pickups. This guitar plays like a dream with a straight fast neck, and excellent balanced trem system set to Fender spec. Excellent fret life from the original frets and no fiberboard gouging. The original pick guard and pickup height adjustment screws are showing some corrosion, but it’s in all the right places for a guitar that is more than 45 years old. The pots, switch, and associated wiring have been replaced with an Emerson Custom S5 5-Way Blender Stratocaster kit made in the USA. They have the correct 250K pots and offer more tonal options (listed below) with high-quality CTS pots. This is a serious tonal upgrade for any strat. The original pots were corroded and unsalvageable. The pickups have some top corrosion, but are clean and clear within with original lead wires in-tact. The original pots & original switch were unusable. The blender option and treble bleed brought this guitar to life. outside of the new pots and wiring, this guitar is all original. This strat plays like a dream. Original molded plastic Fender hardshell case with all latches and hinges in-tact.

EMERSON S5 5-Way Blender Stratocaster DESCRIPTION:


Our Blender wiring has 1 volume, 1 master tone, and a Blender pot. In the neck position you can blend the bridge pickup in as much as you want. In the bridge position you can blend the neck pickup in as much as you want. In positions 2 and 4 you can have all three pickups on at once. The nicest part about it is the fact of it being so user friendly. Everything else seems to be hard to use on the fly.


1: CTS Volume Pot (Master Volume) [3/8″ Split Shaft]

1: CTS Tone Pot (Master Tone) [3/8″ Split Shaft]

1: CTS 250K Blender Pot [3/8″ Split Shaft]

1: 0.047uf Emerson Paper in Oil Capacitor *(0.022uf are used with 500K-Ohm Pots Option)*

1: Volume Mod (Treble Bleed; Retains Clarity when rolling back volume knob)

1: Prewired Jack

1: Wiring Diagram

Control Layout

Master Volume

Master Tone

Blender Pot


Blender Pot on 10:

Position 1: Bridge

Position 2: Bridge & Middle

Position 3: Middle

Position 4: Middle & Neck

Position 5: Neck

Blender Pot on 1:

Position 1: Bridge w/ Neck Pickup Blended in

Position 2: Bridge & Middle w/ Neck Pickup Blended in

Position 3: Middle

Position 4: Middle & Neck w/ Bridge pickup Blended in

Position 5: Neck w/ Bridge Pickup Blended in