Fender Stratocaster 1972 – Olympic White 100% Original

$ 5899.99

Hendrix vibes from this 100% original 1972 Stratocaster. I purchased this guitar from the original owner, and yes, this is the case he purchased the guitar with in 1972. As you can see, this is an early ’72. It has one string tree, earlier saddles and trem block, and a February neck stamp. Pups and pots all date to 72 as well. The Olympic White finish is original, as are the frets, tuners, three-way switch, and everything else on the guitar. Sadly, however, the trem bar is missing. There are some scuffs here and there, as well as some finish crazing, but no major damage. Frets have been played down, but still have life on them. I would not have it refretted if I were to keep it, but you might want to. Please ask questions before buying.