Fender Stratocaster 1966 – Candy Apple Red

$ 16950.00

This is a great playing Fender Stratocaster, made in the USA in 1966. The huge upside is it has an original custom color candy apple finish, and pretty much all original parts. The downside is at some point it was heavily routed under the guard (swimming pool style) and there are 4 extra screw holes in the neck pocket, we have no idea why. None of the routing is visible without taking the guitar apart, and the former owner who did it kept the original harness intact, and it is back in the guitar. The pickguard is also original but it has some cracks and extra holes. The neck is dated September 66, and the pickups and pots all date to 1966. The only non original parts are the switch and the nut, and it has been refretted. One more positive is this guitar has one of the flamiest necks we have ever seen on a Fender. It is also a killer player, it weighs 7 pounds 7 ounces, it has been pro-setup in our store, and it comes with the original case.