Fender Stratocaster 1956 – Refinished

$ 26000.00

1956 Fender Stratocaster (refinished)

I do not know what this was refinished for except maybe Hendrix? The board and frets show it was loved. I bought it in 1995 and put it away. Selling for home expenses. Need more pics? There is a shared album With many more photos.

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Message me for the link, I guess. Here are more specs that are in that album.

Weight 7.58 pounds

Pickup ohm readings Method with pick guard off : Method using patch cord.

Neck 6.22 : 6.22

Middle 6.10 : 6.15

Bridge 6.38 : 6.37

These are actually in the photos here

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This is my one and only 50’s strat. I’d say the back of the neck is over sprayed. One small area is through at the 3rd fret. But there is some minor wear associated but over sprayed.

The album shows the multimeter shots.

The STACKPOLE pots are coded 250K LIN 304543. Would suggest date of 43rd week of 1955. So it being a 1956 each have that pot code, though the one is pretty much covered up by a capacitor.

Original 3-Way switch , is present.

The case is nice. Red inside. Looks right and has no issues. Tweed is all original and has honest wear, like the guitar.