Fender Strat Relic – Partscaster – Sunburst Pre-CBS 60’s Style Strat Relic by Nate’s Relics

$ 1450.00

Selling my Nate’s Relics Sunburst 60’s Stratocaster, this is one fantastic guitar.

Featuring a beautiful Nitrocellulose Sunburst Body, Fender Vintera 60’s Neck, Fender Tex-Mex pickups, and a superb relic job by Nate. This partscaster really looks like a well played vintage pre-CBS sunburst Strat, I was blown away by the relic job detail.

I’m just the second owner of this Strat. If you go to the Nate’s Relics FB page, this is the very guitar Nate is cradling in the pic. This one is a true beauty, no disappointments.