Fender ST-57 Stratocaster Reissue MIJ

$ 799.00

1989 Fender MIJ J Series Made In Japan ’57 style Stratocaster. I stripped the original “vintage white” poly coat down to the bare wood and refinished the guitar in vintage-style nitrocellulose lacquer in bright red, close to a vintage Dakota red. Very nice patina on the neck & hardware. The body has some dings from playing. The frets still have some life. The pickups are not original but sound fantastic, much better than the original Japanese pickups. According to the previous owner, the middle pickup might be a vintage Seymour Duncan from the mid-70s but I can’t vouch for that but it sounds clear & loud with good mid response. The bridge pickup is a vintage-style pickup of unknown provenance w/ a loud, clear, and bright 7.7 kilohm output. The neck pickup is a Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot. The guitar is setup for a floating tremolo and has a Hipshot Tremsetter installed so you get the best of both worlds as far as country-style bends and surf-style tremolo goes. The guitar could probably use a new nut at some point in the nearer future. This was my main player for a number of years and has lots of mojo. Comes with an ‘80s Fender case w/ black lining.