Fender ST-54 Stratocaster Reissue MIJ – Lollar Vintage Blondes

$ 1350.00

The perfect 54 style strat! 

Free shipping in US

Here is what you need to know:

  • No nicks, dings, or dents, the pictures show everything
  • The pickups have been switched for Lollar Vintage Blondes – These are higher quality pickups that represent the best in vintage 50s stratocaster tone. 
  • The pickup switching has the added benefit of the “blend control”. This gives you the best configuration of pickup options, including the highly sought after Sweet Home Alabama “woody tone” that comes from the neck and bridge combination that is typically unavailable on most strats. See “Lollar Blender Overview” below, for more details
  • The neck is what makes this guitar sing and feel good, it has that classic 50’s maple vibe
  • With purchase you get the guitar loaded with the lollar vintage blondes (pictured), guitar case (pictured), original pickups (included in case container) 


  • free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 US states.
  • International buyers welcome, but must pay shipping and any other international fees. Guitar value will be declared at final sale price.

Lollar Blender Overview 

Control Layout:
♦ Master Volume
♦ Master Tone
♦ Blender Pot
♦ 5-Way Switch

Switch & Blender Pot Function:
With Blender Pot on 10
Position 1: Bridge
Position 2: Bridge and Middle
Position 3: Middle
Position 4: Middle and Neck
Position 5: Neck

With Blender Pot on 1
Position 1: Bridge, with Neck pickup faded in
Position 2: Bridge and Middle, with Neck pickup faded in
Position 3: Middle
Position 4: Middle and Neck, with Bridge pickup faded in
Position 5: Neck, with Bridge pickup faded in