Fender Road Worn ’60s Stratocaster with Rosewood Fretboard – 2010 – Olympic White

$ 1290.00

Fantastic early production Olympic White Roadworn 60s Strat. These instruments are the holy grail – Custom Shop features at an affordable price. Having played several of these, the older ones have some serious mojo that is just not there in the later models. The guitar has been very recently professionally set-up, and plays flawlessly. Has a really great minty green tone that has aged in, and the pickguard really makes the color pop.

Beautiful rosewood fretboard that has a great contrast against the body (unlike the pau ferro in the current models!!!)
Nitro finish has great custom shop quality checking and the relic’ing is superb (lots of scuffs, dents, and worn in discoloration – see pictures)
Weighs 7lbs 10oz on my home postal scale, perfect Strat weight
Original Tex Mex pickups
Also comes with parchment Fender pickguard and original mint green guard is included in case you prefer that look
No back cover – that is how they come

Shipping and sales to continental lower 48 USA only. Please reach out with any additional questions.