Fender Road Worn ’50s Stratocaster 2009 – 2019 Black

$ 1100.00

Selling my ’50s Road Worn Strat. This is like no Strat you’ve ever played! If you’ve never tried a nitrocellulose finish, you don’t know what you’re missing. I bought this in 2012; I’m the second owner. Selling because I’m moving and need to downsize.

The pickups are TexMex single coils; the neck is a 7.25″ radius with “soft V” shape, typical of the 50s. It’s a really cool instrument to hold and play. The aged look isn’t for everyone, but if you like that look, there aren’t many done better than this series. Serious SRV vibes from this beautiful guitar–especially considering it’s set up for 11s. Fat, sweet, vintage tone all day long.

Pricing this was a bit difficult, as they don’t come on the market that often and there is a big spread in price of the 2 on Reverb right now. It is a MIM guitar on the one hand, but once you get this in your hands, you’ll see that doesn’t really matter–it equals American any day of the week, I think. All this said, I think it’s fairly priced considering its relative rarity, build quality, and the special nature of these guitars.