Fender (Pro Setup) Vintera ’50s Telecaster

$ 855.00

Here we have a beautiful Vintera Telecaster. This Tele will blow your mind! Was not expecting it to be such a beast. I thought about keeping it, but you know how it goes. The guitar is stock besides the switch tip. There is not a nick to speak of on this guitar, it is in excellent condition.

The pickups sound very full and powerful, with both pickups sounding just great. The Tele sports a super fat baseball neck. I enjoy having the compensates saddles on there for better intonation. The single ply pick guard dis a nice touch as well. It also has vintage style tuners.

The Pro Setup includes:
New 10-46 strings
Buff/polish/wipe down
Complete nut and screw tightening
Fret polish
Fret board clean and oil(if needed)
Intonation check

The guitar will ship with a decent gig bag. If you would like the nice case in the listing, or a nice tweed case to complete the vintage vibe, please let me know before hand and we can work out a deal.