Fender Player Plus Stratocaster HSS with Maple Fretboard 2022 Cosmic Jade

$ 750.00

Selling my 2022 Fender Player Plus Stratocaster, bought new from local store last year- in excellent borderline-mint condition w original Deluxe gigbag. (souldier strap not included). Only gigged with twice, has the barest little hint of light cosmetic scratches on the back plate. Also have upgraded the string trees to Graph Tech frictionless ones.

“When Fender’s Player Series first hit the scene, its combination of rock-solid tonewoods and stellar electronics made for an infinitely giggable axe priced for the working musician. The Fender Player Plus Stratocaster builds on this blueprint with upgraded electronics and optimizations throughout to deliver even more incredible bang for your buck. The addition of a coil-splittable Player Plus humbucker and noiseless single-coil pickups pumps out hard-hitting tone with crystal clarity. Rolled fingerboard edges give the Player Plus Strat a distinctly professional feel, a feature commonly found on instruments in higher price ranges. Throw in locking tuners and a highly expressive synchronized tremolo, and this top-notch 6-string truly puts the “Plus” in Player Plus Stratocaster.

Outfitted with powerful Player Plus pickups

The trademark tone of a Strat is heard across countless recordings and number-one hits, and for good reason — the spank, the twang, and the chime of its pickups lend crystal clarity and enhanced articulation to anything you play. Fender made sure to equip the Player Plus Strat with high-powered pickups to perfectly fit the bill, with a Player Plus humbucker in the bridge and a pair of Player Plus single-coils in the middle and neck positions. When it comes to thick, full-bodied tone, the Player Plus humbucker is your new secret weapon — it’s fully capable of gritty cleans and aggressive distortion with a handy push-pull tone knob coil split for instant access to single-coil sounds. Speaking of single-coils, the Player Plus Strat’s Noiseless Strat pickups thoroughly impressed Sweetwater guitarists, pumping out that classic quack and richness of a vintage Strat without the pesky 60 cycle hum.

Elite enhancements throughout

Whether it’s your first or 50th Fender, the Player Plus Strat is familiar in the hands. You get the standard tonewood combo of alder with maple for the neck and fingerboard, laying a solid tonal foundation with plenty of snap and smooth playability. Where the Player Plus Strat truly shines is its impressive feature set. Its Modern “C” Player Plus neck profile boasts a rolled-edge fingerboard for a comfortable worn-in feel right out of the box. Locking tuners up top make for split-second string changes while keeping everything in tune, the perfect companion for this Strat’s silky-smooth 2-point synchronized tremolo. The Player Plus Strat epitomizes love at first strum — make sure to clear your schedule for the next few days!”