Fender Player Plus Nashville Telecaster with Maple Fretboard 2021 – Present – Butterscotch Blonde

$ 899.00

Fender Player Plus Nashville Telecaster – Butterscotch Blonde

Maple Fingerboard

Mint condition, clearly shown in all pictures

Was bought brand new this year and lightly played

Has proper set up & holds tune well

22 frets

Noiseless single coil pickups

5-way switch

Add neck pickup into switch positions 1 & 2 for killer tele tones

Capable of using bridge and neck pickup only, like a regular Telecaster pickup configuration

With original gig bag

Like new / well cared for

Music City Guitars located barely south of Austin, Tx! come play it, if you’re local!

Call 512-344-9443 with any questions

”If you think Teles are twanging one-trick ponies, you’ve got another thing coming. The Fender Player Plus Nashville Telecaster not only delivers classic Tele tones, its 3-pickup configuration and 5-way switching give you expanded sonic options that are unobtainable with a typical 2-pup model, including an array of Strat-style textures. On top of that, the Player Plus Nashville Tele includes state-of-the-art Player Plus Noiseless pickups for hum-free performance. A modern “C”-shaped neck and 22-fret, 12-inch-radius fingerboard give you a decidedly contemporary feel with fast action and comfortable playability. You also get a synthetic bone nut, modern 6-saddle string-through bridge, and Fender deluxe cast/sealed locking tuners. If you appreciate classic Teles but crave modern playability and a broader tonal palette, pick up the Player Plus Nashville Telecaster. But be forewarned — you won’t want to put it down.

Huge tonal range from three pickups and 5-way switching

Fender put a Player Plus Noiseless Strat single-coil pickup in between the neck and bridge Player Plus Noiseless Tele pickups on the Player Plus Nashville Telecaster, giving you more tonal options than you have with 2-pickup Teles. You get access to the warm yet biting tone you get from a Strat’s middle pickup position, from rich rhythm tones to snappy, overdriven leads. Beyond that, a push/pull on the tone knob adds the neck pickup to positions one and two to unlock even more sonic textures. If you’re already a Tele player, like so many of us here at Sweetwater, then you’ll hear your guitar rig in a whole new light with the Player Plus Nashville Tele.

Easy-playing maple neck and fingerboard

Leo Fender wasn’t a guitar player. In fact, he got his start repairing radios. When designing his original instruments, he had no idea that guitars weren’t supposed to have maple necks. This Player Plus Nashville Telecaster has the revered maple neck and a tried-and-true maple fingerboard, supplying you with a snappy feel and a clear-as-a-bell sound. In keeping with contemporary tastes, the Player Plus Nashville Telecaster has a more modern “C”-shaped maple neck with a satin urethane finish.

Fender Player Plus Nashville Telecaster Features:

  • Classic Telecaster design, hot-rodded with 3 pickups, 5-way switching, and modern playability
  • Player Plus Noiseless Tele and Strat pickups for vintage tone without the vintage hum
  • Push/pull on the tone knob adds the neck pickup to positions 1 and 2 for even more sonic textures
  • Fast-action modern “C”-shaped neck and 22-fret, 12-inch-radius fingerboard
  • Synthetic bone nut enhances vibrational transfer through the neck
  • Modern 6-saddle string-through bridge supplies a mean bite and excellent intonation
  • Fender deluxe cast/sealed locking tuners for rock-solid tuning and easy string changes“