Fender Mustang Guitar with Rosewood Fretboard 1976 – Natural

$ 1700.00

Beautiful ’76 Mustang in natural finish (refinish), done very well. Non-original hard-shell case, heavy duty, with built-in electronic guitar tuner (see photo). Straight neck, Rosewood fretboard, plays and sounds great. The Mustang has two angled single-coil pickups, each with an adjacent on-off-on switch, and a master tone and volume control. The Mustang is unusual in having neither a pickup selector nor a circuit selector switch, instead just using the two pickup switches to allow the pickups to be used either singly or in parallel. The second on position reverses the phase of the selected pickup, allowing the pickups to be either in or out of phase when in parallel. This phasing option was also unusual for 1964. It also meant that, as both pickups were floating with respect to ground, it was possible to modify the wiring to put the pickups into series either in or out of phase without excessive noise.