Fender Mustang Custom Partscaster Build

$ 815.00

Up for sale is this AWESOME Mustang partscaster build. The body is a REXTER GUITAR UK custom body with a custom silver/sparkle/flake finish. It looks SUPER neat!
The neck is a VERY nice aged Allparts neck. It has Gemini gold foil pickups in it – and has a standard Mustang wiring harness.
Authentic Fender Bridge and vibrato unit. Standard Mustang wiring.

The guitar is in very good cosmetic shape!

It plays well and sounds killer. It may need a setup to get it right to your playing desires, but it plays good as is right now!

The person I bought it from played it with 12’s – and I just threw 10’s on it after I bought it.
I just decided that this guitar is not for me and I want something different.

It’s a REALLY cool & nice/high quality built guitar, though!

NOTE: DOES NOT COME WITH CASE PICTURED IN PHOTOS. It instead comes with a black and grey hardshell case – which is in very good shape! (See last two photos for pictures of case that DOES come with the guitar).

To the continental USA only. Shipping is $135 USD.

NO RETURNS – ALL SALES FINAL. SOLD AS-IS. Cannot be returned unless in a condition other than described.