Fender MIM Stratocaster Left Handed 1998

$ 800.00

Selling off a sweet ass left handed guitar to pay for something important. Purchased this from reverb a year ago. Great make on these 90s strats. I think the original color was olympic white but sun/light damage from the previous owner left it this fascinating stained cream color. Must’ve sat there in a garage without a case for years. I cleaned it, and set it up nice. Plays like a dream. The neck and middle pickup are stock but the bridge pickup is a DiMarzio HS-2 set to single coil mode (AKA Eric Johnson Cliffs of Dover). This entire guitar is setup to be a cliffs of dover guitar. The action and intonation on this thing are perfect for liquid smooth performance. The neck on this thing is amazing. I did not clean/replace the bridge in order to not upset the great saddle height that it came with.

Will ship safely and with haste.