Fender Mike McCready Signature Stratocaster 2023 – Present – 3-Color Sunburst Relic

$ 1500.00

Excellent playing guitar. Any big fan of Mike McCready or PJ in general should try one of these. It truly feels like an old strat. The neck is amazing, feels like a worn in old neck. Rolled fretboard edges and the frets play smooth as stainless. Has a very old school strat sound with the custom pickups for this model.

In my few months of owning this I found it to be light, play amazing, looks cool more so from a distance and the feel is fantastic if you are into old strats. It is basically a relic reissue of a 1960, and looks on par.

I had the frets polished and added some fade to the 12th and up frets. I was able to drop the action quite a bit after doing so. Otherwise a great product. Don’t let the MIM fool you. It’s just as good as any well made Fender.

I am selling because I build guitars and decided I would relic my own a little less aggressive and give it my own personal touch. If it wasn’t for my hobby of doing this, she would be a keeper. This guitar is basically new. I’ve played it at home and only gig with my other familiar guitars I have always played with.

Thanks for looking.