FENDER MEXICO Player Series Telecaster HH Pau Ferro Fingerboard (05/31)

$ 749.98

Telecaster with 2 humbucker specifications of the player series made in 2019, manufactured at Ensenada Factory in Baja California, Mexico has arrived.
Befitting the name of Player Series, it is a big feature that it follows the traditional design and sound, but incorporates the specifications required by players of various modern categories everywhere.
9.5 inch R fingerboard, medium jumbo size 22 frets, and modern C shape neck for comfortable playability. Player Telecaster uses a 6-way saddle that makes it easy to adjust the octave. Equipped with two Alnico 2 Humbucking, it is one with a wide range of defense that can be coil tapped by pushing / pulling the tone pot.
There is a slight feeling of use on the whole, and there are scratches on the body end, but there is room for the truss rod, and our repair department performs cleaning and fret rubbing processing, and the play condition is good. Comes with a non-genuine soft case.

Product rank: B : There are some scratches, but there is no problem in normal use
Year of manufacture: 2019

Serial number: MX19043154
Case: Soft case / Non-genuine
Weight: 3.64 kg
Fret remaining: 70% -80%
Truss rod: There is room in the tightening / loosening direction
Neck condition: No problem
Instructions: None
Other accessories: None
Remarks: Other accessories are only those shown in the image.

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Because it is a used item, there are scratches and dents that are difficult to see in the photo. Please note that.
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