FENDER – Made in Japan Elemental Stratocaster Rosewood Fingerboard Stone Black – 5690400306

$ 1319.90

The Made in Japan Elemental series is a limited edition series made in Japan that focuses on playability and sound brushed up around a balance between product specs and price taking into consideration the needs of todays players whose level of performance is increasing.

The streamlined body original pickguard and 2 humbuckers provide a powerful natural and easy-to-control clean tone that works well with pedals. The Element refers to the elements of fire earth wind and water The colors are inspired by Element which refers to the elements of fire earth wind and water.

The unique streamlined arched alder body which has long been a symbol of the next generation of Made in Japan specifications is combined with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard a traditional combination that has been used for many years. A newly shaped pickguard for this product accentuates the avant-garde look.

For pickups two Modern Modified Humbucking Pickups which cover from light and natural clean sounds to powerful distorted sounds are equipped making it easy to create the players intended sound with amps and pedals. The 12 radius fretboard medium jumbo frets and C to D compound-back neck provide comfortable playability for everything from chord strokes to fast playing. The combination of Fender Standard Cast/Sealed Staggered tuners and a two-point Deluxe Synchronized Tremolo provides high tuning stability and matches the playing style of players who prefer a heavier rock sound. The first product in the series is a ground Tremolo.

These are be available in two colors: Stone Black inspired by ore from earth and Nimbus White inspired by snow clouds from water both with a satin finish..
Product code: 5690400306