Fender Lead III 1982 – Sienna Sunburst

$ 1600.00

I bought this super nice & clean 1982 Fender Lead III from my old barber about 15 years ago. Since then I’ve played it maybe 3 times (at home). Completely original with original case which is where it’s lived the entirety of its life with me.

The only damage I can see is minor chip in the pickguard by the truss rod (shown in picture).

Neck is clean with extremely little wear to it. Feels like a soft V neck. It is straight and plays with a real nice action and no fret buzz or issues, however may need a setup as I’ve never even changed the strings on this beauty since owning. Original Ash body with a beautiful Sunburst finish. Nice and bright, especially for a 42 year old guitar! Clearly the owners prior to me have cared for it.

Equipped with two Seth Lover designed humbuckers and a variety of sounds with multiple coil taps.

Comes with nice and clean original case, too.

This is great for players and/or collectors alike!