Fender Kurt Cobain Road Worn Jaguar w/OHSC

$ 2808.51

For the nerdvana’s – this limited edition guitar is a meticulously crafted replica of Kurt Cobain’s heavily modified 1965 Jaguar. Every detail, from the unique wear patterns to the distinctive features of Cobain’s original, has been faithfully reproduced. The body boasts a reliced nitrocellulose finish and comes equipped with a modified pickguard and control plates. For pickups, it features a DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge and a 36th Anniversary PAF in the neck. These are connected to a 3-way toggle switch and a volume/volume/tone control set, while still retaining the Jaguar’s rhythm circuit.

Includes original case and accessories.

Found Sound Australia Pty Ltd.
110 Albert St
Brunswick East, VIC 3057