Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar (2021 Mint Cond) – 3-Color Sunburst

$ 1449.00

We don’t use “mint” on very many listings, but this one meets the mark. This 2021 model Kurt Cobain signature Fender Jaguar shows no signs of use, and comes with all original “case candy” (including the manufacturers tag on the case handle)… the guitar even still has it’s protective film on the pick guard (see pics). This is an opportunity to effectively own a new KC Signature Jag for $100 less than a “new” one (and free shipping!).

This right-handed Fender Jaguar is Fender’s faithful replica of Kurt’s original 1965 Jag with all of it’s extensive modifications, including:

-Smaller strat-style headstock with “spaghetti” Fender logo

-Gotoh tuners

-3-way toggle pickup selector switch (vs. the 3 separate kill switches)

-DiMarzio PAF pickup (neck position) and DiMarzio Super Distortion pickup (bridge position)

-Blacked out tune-o-matic bridge

-Lockable tremolo tailpiece

-3 knobs: volume-volume-tone

-Independent Lead circuit with volume and tone control

-Unique “Fender” logo designed by Kurt Cobain himself (found in his journals after his death) is engraved on the neck bolt plate (see pics).

-Special edition Fender book with pictures of Kurt and his Jag, as well as interviews with Earnie Bailey (Kurt’s guitar tech) and more, which was factory included in all new KC Jags.

-This guitar includes a deluxe Fender hard case.

This guitar was factory released by Fender as a “Kurt Cobain Special Edition” and all of these modifications were factory-installed on this guitar.

Kurt Cobain played his Jaguar extensively from 1992 on to his death, and stated in several interviews that it was one of his favorite guitars. It can be heard on the In Utero album and several live concerts, including the famous Live at Reading show. This guitar was built to embody the same howl and growl that made Kurt’s original so unique.

(The only blemish in this entire package is a tiny crack in corner of the CASE vinyl (not on the guitar), picture is included.)