Fender John Mayer Stratocaster 2013 – Olympic White

$ 3965.35

Designed in close collaboration with Grammy-winning artist John Mayer, this guitar perfectly captures the essence of his unique playing style and sound. The custom-designed Big Dipper pickups deliver the distinctive scooped mid-range tone that John Mayer is known for, making this Stratocaster a coveted choice for those seeking that specific tone.

Produced for a limited time before being discontinued, the John Mayer Stratocaster is relatively scarce in the market. As a discontinued model, this Stratocaster has become a sought-after collectible. Its association with John Mayer, combined with its limited production run, ensures that it remains a valuable and highly desired instrument. Due to its rarity and the ongoing popularity of John Mayer, the guitar has maintained and even appreciated in value on the secondary market.

This particular guitar is in like-new condition, meticulously maintained to preserve its original charm and playability. It comes complete with the original hard shell case and all original paperwork, along with all the accessories it was originally sold with, enhancing its value and appeal. Don’t miss your chance to own this iconic piece of musical history.

Will ship internationally (except russia) also consider trades within Canada and USA.

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