Fender Jim Adkins JA-90 Artist Series Signature Telecaster Crimson Transparent

$ 899.99

Evocative of the classic vibe of the late 50’s and early 60’s “juniors“, but distinctively Tele at the same time, the JA-90 is an offering of the best of both worlds!

2 Duncan P90’s coupled with the semi-hollow body give you a fat but organic tone! A lightweight ash body coupled with a set maple neck give you a perfectly balanced guitar that’s as fun to play as it is to look at!

Don’t let the vintage aesthetic fool you-this guitar is a rock and roll machine! As always, all of our guitars come with D’Addario NYXL 10’s and set up to better-then-factory spec, so they’re ready to gig right out of the box! Feel free to ask about string changes/setup spec prior to shipment- we’re happy to make sure this guitar is to you ready to roll!

Color: Crimson Red Transparent

Fender Model Number: 0262354538
Fender Color Code: MN BLZ
Date Manufactured: 05/2021

Body: Semi-Hollow Ash Body

Neck: Maple Set Neck

Neck Carve: “C” Shape

Fingerboard: Indian Laurel

String Height at Nut: 
2/32nd’s from High E

5/64th’s from Low E

String Height at 12th Fret:
3/64th’s from High E
2/32nd’s from Low E 

String Height at 22th Fret:
2/32nd’s from High E
5/64th’s from Low E 

Neck Relief: 0.10”

Pickups: Seymour Duncan SP-90’s

Bridge Pickup Height: 4/64th’s (bass), 6/64ths (treble) 

Middle Pickup Height: 4/64th’s (bass), 6/64ths (treble) 

Neck Pickup Height: 4/64th’s (bass), 6/64ths (treble)

As always, trades are welcome in the Metro Atlanta area. Again, any mods are availible prior to deliver to you, So don’t hesitate to ask! We’re a dealer for Duncan, Lambertone, Fralin and many other pickup branda, as well as hardware companies. We want this to come to you perfect FOR you- and are happy to offer discounts for professional installation of any pickups/hardware you may desire!