Fender Jazzmaster w/ Creamery WRBHs – Jazzblaster

$ 1332.32

JM-66 Reissue from the Fujigen Plant in 2017 featuring featherweight basswood body with maple neck capped with extra dark rosewood fretboard. Pickguard has been replaced with a early 2000s AVRI 62 tortoiseshell pickguard and loaded with 2 x Jazzmaster-sized Wide Range Humbucking pickups handwound by The Creamery (Creamery Baby ’71) in the UK making it one evil JazzBLASTER. Bridge has been replaced for extra stability and rhythm circuit has been removed. Made in Japan.
Vibrato arm has graceful vintage style curve and has been stabilised strong like a vintage unit via cable-tie method for extreme dive bombs and sonic unholiness.

Found Sound Australia Pty Ltd.
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Brunswick East, VIC 3057