Fender Jazzmaster 1991, MIJ, Custom lacquer body

$ 1799.00

This is an extremely cool Fender Jazzmaster, Made in Japan in 1991 at the renowned FujiGen factory. The original body was uncomfortably heavy, and had a thick poly finish, so I replaced it with this custom, relic, nitro body made by MJT. This dramatically improved the weight, look, and feel of the guitar. The neck and all of the hardware are original to the 1991 Jazzmaster. All of the hardware has developed natural wear, aging, and patina that match the body relic very well. The neck is a comfortable C shape, in very good condition with two nicks in the finish, both are pictured. The neck has a professional, full pocket shim, to help improve the break angle of the strings over the bridge. All-in-all, this is a very good guitar. I play county, old time rock n roll, and surf on it, and it’s fantastic. I don’t do sound recordings, in person transactions, or play the partial refund game that has become very common on Reverb. This will ship in a new Fender Tweed case. I don’t have the tremolo arm. Ask any questions you have and thank you for your interest.