Fender Japan Telecaster TL72-55 Natural Gloss 1986

$ 1207.99

Fender Japan Telecaster TL72-55 Natural Gloss 1986

Fender Telecaster TL72-55, natural gloss, made in Japan 1986 approx. This one has a certain glow about it, it’s quite stunning. The sen ash body is on full display under the naturally yellowed clear finish, and neck: it’s gorgeous, there’s so much detail in there. The neck is aged to a golden syrup hue to match and feels awesome in the hands, it’s comfy and round and has a certain thing about it. This one had some Dimarzio Area T noiseless single coil pickups installed a little while back, so that cuts out all the standard single coil hum. They’re nice pickups: lively, fat low end, clear… much more convincing than Fender’s noiseless offerings I reckon. These E-serial examples rolled out just a couple of short years after the hyper-collectable JV serial instruments broke brains and won hearts all over, which I’d wager makes this a cute little investment as well as a very agreeable player. Life is good with this in your hands!

Model: Fender Japan Telecaster TL72-55
Made: Japan, 1985-7
Serial: E647743
Finish: natural, gloss poly
Body: sen ash
Neck: maple, maple fretboard, 25.5″ scale, 7.25″ radius, slim 70s U shape
Weight: 3.730kg
Mods: pickguard replaced, new pickups installed
Pickups: Dimarzio Area T noiseless single coil x2
Accessories: vintage Fender gig bag

Cosmetic condition notes: minor finish wear. The headstock has some dimples, dings and scuffs on the end and bottom edge, plus light scuffs on the front around the tuner posts. The neck is clean and smooth in the hands, minor dimples and rub wear only. The back has a sticker fade mark between the neck plate and the ferrules, as well as some scuffs on the top and bottom horn and some dimples in the bottom corner, elbow area and back edge. The sides have light scuffs on the top horn and elbow area and some dimples near the jack and on the bottom horn. The front has scuffs around the bridge and elbow area, dimples around the controls and some play wear on the guard and horns.
Overall: very good condition (8/10)

Playing condition notes: action is low, neck is straight, intonation is good, truss rod works. All electronics tested and working properly. Wearing fresh 10/46 Moonshiners strings.
Fret life: 8/10, minor wear only