Fender Japan Stratocaster ST62-70AB / BLK w/GB

$ 657.79


2006-2008 Fender Japan Stratocasters are now in stock!!

The popular Aerodyne series is unified in black from the body to the neck and head!

This is all black, from the body to the headstock.

You’ll be captivated by the gorgeous black paint on the body and the dark rose fingerboard.

I personally love binding with matching heads.

The hardware such as the bridge is made of chrome. The developer has very good taste.

Don’t miss the subtle R on the top of the body, which improves playability.

There are some scratches, but it has been preserved in relatively good condition.

If you are interested, please check it out.

Pickup: Passive

Pickup configuration: SSS

Number of frets: 22 frets

Neck scale: long

Weight: 3.40kg

Body material: Basswood

Tremolo: Synchro type

Fingerboard material: rosewood

Neck joint: detachable (bolt-on)

Neck material: maple

Color: black

Year of manufacture: 2000s

Accessories: Soft case

Serial number: S057715


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