Fender Japan Stratocaster ST57-145 EXTRAD 35TH Tobacco Sunburst [SN KO24631] [11/21]

$ 2658.86

This is an anniversary model manufactured and released in 1992, the 35th anniversary of the birth of the 1957 Stratocaster, with the quality of the ST57-145, the highest grade EXTRAD series at that time. It is equipped with USA original pickups and has a mellow midrange coupled with lacquer coating. The original USA pickups are equipped, and together with the lacquer coating, you can enjoy a superb Strat sound with a mellow mid-range. This is a very rare model, so we recommend that you make a decision as soon as possible if you are interested.

There are some dents scattered around the perimeter of the head top, weather check and a few dents on the head back, and dents on the neck grip. There are numerous scratches all over the body, several small and large paint chips scattered on the sides of the body, and paint chips and dings on the top and back of the body. There is also some rubber burn from a guitar stand on the end of the body, as well as some paint reaction marks on the 6th string side horn. Although there are many signs of use, the guitar has been maintained and cleaned including replacement of all pots, lever switches, and jacks (original parts included), so playability is not a problem. The original gig case is included, but it has some tears. We will deliver the guitar in its original condition for the sake of originality, but we will also include a generic soft case.

Truss rod: There is room for tightening/loosening.
Fret: 60% to 70%.
Year of production: 1992
Country of manufacture: Japan
Case:soft case/genuine
Attachment: Arm
Condition: B: Fairly scratched and used, but no problem for normal use.
Serial number: MIJ K024631
Weight: 3.53

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