Fender JAPAN STR 1300LS MOD (05/24)

$ 1405.72

Fender Japan’s PRO-FEEL series, STR-1300LS, modified, made in 1990-1991.

The top model of Fujigen’s Pro-Feel series with improved functionality (neck: STR-1300LSR notation / body: STR-1300LS notation). Maple Sycamore body, heel cut joint, maple neck, 305R rose fingerboard, EX-TREM-42G Floyd Rose license tremolo, gold hardware specifications.

Replace PU with EMG SA x 2, EMG 89, switch only SSS / rear humbucker with mini SW, replace strap pin, weather crack on the whole body, paint tip near joint and around body, scratches and buckles You can see the feeling of use such as marks, picking marks, discoloration of gold parts and small rust on screws. The fret mountain is at a height that does not cause any problems in playing, and there is approximately 1.10 mm remaining overall. The truss rod can be tightened and loosened, and its operation has been confirmed up to } 60 ‹.

This is an EMG-modified model that is reminiscent of the 90’s component ST, and is an easy-to-use model that is ideal for home recording.

Product rank: B: There are quite a few scratches and a feeling of use, but there is no problem in normal use.
Attached case: Soft case
Accessories: Arm, strap metal fittings
Serial Number: K004116
Weight: 4.04kg

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