Fender Japan Standard Stratocaster ST43 Lake Placid Blue 2000

$ 802.97

Fender Japan J-Craft Standard Strat, lake placid blue, crafted in Japan 1999-02. The Japan Standard Strat was a long running model sold exclusively on the domestic Japan market. You get a slim ’62 style neck shape, but in this case it’s topped with a cool 9.5″ maple board and finished in satin, plus an easy-access truss adjuster, 90s style decals and Gotoh tuners. It feels great: quick and responsive, light and comfy… easy as pie to play. This was blessed with some new pots, jack, cap and wire on arrival, so it’s sounding extra clear and crisp and should be very robust for a gigging player. The blue has yellowed somewhat over the decades and has an appealing depth to it, it looks awesome. Standard by name, stellar by nature.

Model: Fender Japan Standard Stratocaster (ST43)
Made: Japan, Dyna plant, 1999-02 (serial P085396)
Finish: lake placid blue (LPB)
Body: basswood
Weight: 3.580kg
Neck: maple with rosewood board, satin finish, 9.5″ radius, 25.5″ scale
Mods: jack, pots, wire and capacitor replaced
Pickup: Fender Japan ST-Current single coil x3
Case: basic non-original gig bag

Cosmetic condition notes: minor finish wear. The headstock has minor scuffs on the end and edges. The neck is clean and smooth in the hands, minor dimples and some rub wear on the back only. The back has some dents in the elbow area and near the bottom edge, as well as some scuffs along the belly carve. The sides have some dimples in the elbow area, some dents and scuffs near the jack and a chip on the bottom horn. The front has some scuffs in the elbow area and around the bridge, as well as some play wear on the guard and horns. Overall: very good condition (8/10)

Playing condition notes: Action is low, neck is straight, intonation is good, truss rod works. All electrics tested and working properly. The frets are looking good, minor wear only, 8/10 for fret life left. Set up with fresh 10/46 Moonshiners strings.