Fender Japan ST62 3 Tone Sunburst (05/31)

$ 907.87

Made in Japan Made in Japan 1993-94 Made in 1993-94 Fender Japan ST62 made by Fujigen, which is highly evaluated.

Made in the original USA style in 1987, one of the wood materials such as basswood body, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard. The pickup is equipped with a domestic pickup.

The control knob has been replaced. There is a feeling of use suitable for the age such as paint peeling, cracks, chipping of the back panel, but the truss rod and frets are both good and the play condition is good.

As a Japan vintage, this is the one I want you to continue playing.

Neck condition No problem at present
Truss rod margin
Fret remaining 80% to 70%
String height on 12F 6th string side: Approx. 2.0mm 1st string side: Approx. 1.5mm
Country of origin USA
Year of manufacture 2012
Case Not the one at the time FENDER soft case
Accessories Tremoro arm
Product rank: B : Usually used although there are some scratches No problem in use
Serial number: N051710
Weight: 3.28kg

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