Fender Japan ST57 Stratocaster Sunburst w/ Monty’s Retrowind Stratocaster Pickups 1997 – 2000

$ 1279.52

Fender Japan ST57 Stratocaster Sunburst w/ Monty’s Retrowind Stratocaster Set

We have upgraded several MIJ Fenders with new pickups and electronics to make an already great guitar realize its full potential!

This ST57 is from the “Crafted in Japan” era sometime around 1997 – 2000 at the Dyna Gakki factory according to the O serial number prefix. As a 57, it features a 21 fret maple neck in an exceptionally comfortable oval profile with rolled edges. The body appears to be basswood and has been fitted with UK boutique pickup winder Monty’s exceptional Retrowind set. Here’s what Monty’s has to say about them:

“Our lowest output Strat set, the retro wind set is beautifully balanced and musical across all the strings, allowing chords to ring out cohesively without any note overpowering any other. The highs have a warm chime that blends effortlessly with the mids and lows to allow for tight, woody rhythm sounds. When driven, they perfectly balance warmth and clarity, retaining definition without ever becoming brash.”

We think they are a great match for this guitar, especially with the electronics upgrade which features CTS pots, a Sprague orange drop capacitor and vintage style push back cloth wiring for the utmost clarity. Controls consist of a 5-way switch and 1 vol / 2 tone configuration with the tone having no effect on the bridge pickup.

Cosmetically this guitar has some minor scratches and dings throughout but is very presentable overall with very little hardware corrosion and plenty of life left in the frets.

Comes with the original softcase, back panel and Monty’s pickup box. The original tremolo arm and pickups are not included.


  • Frets: Approximately 70% remaining
  • Truss rod: Fully adjustable
  • Neck: Straight

Additional specifications:

  • Nut width: Approximately 42mm / 1.65″
  • Weight: Approximately 3.48mm / 7.67lbs

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