Fender JAPAN ST 43J CAR R Candy Apple Red (05/31)

$ 629.10

Fender Japan Stratocaster ST-43, made from 2004 to 2006.

Standard J series Stratocaster inherited by ST-STD. The buzzwood body and truss rod have a matte satin-finished maple neck / rose fingerboard that can be adjusted from the head side, and the PU uses ST-Vintage x 3, GOTOH rotomatic pegs and a vintage style bridge.

There are scratches on the entire body, paint cracks on the joints, picking marks, cloudiness and small rust on the parts. The fret mountain has a height that does not cause any problems in playing, and there is approximately 1.00 mm remaining overall. The truss rod can be tightened and loosened, and its operation has been confirmed up to } 90 ‹.

Standard spec orthodox Stratocaster, recommended for home recording and beginners.

Product rank: B: There are quite a few scratches and a feeling of use, but there is no problem in normal use.
Attached case: Soft case
Accessories: Arm,
Serial number: R041707
Weight: 3.57kg

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