Fender Japan ST-38 1998 MIJ California Blue

$ 998.00

ST-38J/R in extremely rare custom color CBL (California Blue) which was made in 1998. Lots of people misunderstand that all the “O0” serial Fender Japan instruments were made in 1993 but ALL the ST-38 with “O0” serial were ONLY made between 1997-1999. Officially Fender Japan made ST-38 in Black or White ONLY (Sunburst was available for the same model but the model number became ST-40 for that finish). However, California Blue ones were made few as special custom color, and this is one of them. And it is in pretty crazy good condition! Plus this one has quartersawn neck, which is also crazy rare, not for ST-38 but for all the Fender Japan instruments.

Weighs 3.52 kg (7.76 LBS). Dings here and there but all not serious. Frets almost 100% left. Satin back of the neck is just like new with no shiny area. Electronics perfect with no noise. Comes with original trem bar, wrench, warranty card, tags, and softcase. Full original guitar with no repair or mod history.