FENDER Japan Exclusive Series Classic 70s Mustang (05/24)

$ 875.61

Traditional Made in Japan Fender Series
The classic 1970s Mustang of the Fender Japan Exclusive Series has arrived as a used beauty item.
The “Fender Japan Exclusive Series” is a new lineup of Made in Japan that replaces the “Fender Japan” brand, which was discontinued due to the change of agency in April 2015. The quality is convincing only made in Japan, and this inherits the specifications of the old model number “Fender Japan MG69”.
The Mustang, released in 1964 as a higher version of the student models such as the Musicmaster and Duo-Sonic, features a small body design with a narrow neck and a 24-inch 610mm short scale neck. Good maneuverability and looks are popular.
The tone knob is dirty and scratched, but it is a beautiful item overall.
Maintenance has been completed by a specialized department after arrival.
Cleaning truss rod adjustment String replacement String height adjustment Octave adjustment has been completed.
The frets remain approximately 0.9mm overall.

Product rank: B : There are some scratches, but there is no problem in normal use
Year of manufacture: 2016

Serial number: JD16019075
Case: Soft case / Genuine < br> Weight: 3.07 kg
Fret remaining: 70% -80%
Truss rod: There is room in the tightening / loosening direction
Neck condition: No problem
Instructions: None
Others Accessories: Arm
Remarks: Other accessories are only those shown in the image.

¥ Please be sure to read
This item is There is only one used item in kind.
Because it is a used item, there are scratches and dents that are difficult to see in the photo. Please note that.
Since it is posted in stores and in multiple malls, there is a time lag in the sales status and inventory status, and it is not in real time.
Therefore, it may have already been sold at the time of ordering.

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